Raw materials for mRNA therapeutics

    Reduce uncertainties

mRNA therapeutics - from development to manufacturing

Though discovered over 50 years ago, mRNA has only recently entered the limelight as a potential therapeutic agent. in vitro transcribed mRNAs are engineered to elicit protein expression either in immune cells as a new front to treat cancer and combat infections, or in other tissues to improve replacement therapies. 

The novelty of mRNAs as therapeutic agents entails uncertainties for their introduction to market and a seamless transition from development to manufacturing is key to success.

Selecting the right critical raw materials during the development of these new drug modalities with the foresight to smoothly transition into a routine manufacturing process may be a pivotal decision.

Scale and quality for industrial use

Whether for development or large-scale mRNA production, our raw materials meet strict manufacturing and quality criteria, perform in narrow specifications and are delivered at the right scale and across the globe.

  • Manufactured under time-tested, state-of-the-art GMP quality standards
  • Highly consistent from lot-to-lot
  • Available in scale and quality for every stage – from development to manufacturing
  • Backed by the expertise and know-how of a global pioneer in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals

Ongoing optimization of mRNA raw materials

Focus on the development of your drug and rely on us and our raw materials to facilitate every step on your path to market. In ongoing projects CustomBiotech optimizes the entire portfolio to meet fit-for-purpose standards. The specification is determined by the intended use of manufacturing therapeutic mRNA.

Reduce uncertainties with fit-for-purpose raw materials

  • Minimize risk of project delays
  • Prevent costly process redesign at later stages
  • Meet quality and safety requirements of your process  
  • Drive the fast market launch of your drug 
  • Avoid limitations caused by raw materials


Optimization of mRNA raw materials