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Reagents for molecular diagnostics

Create your assays by selecting from DNA polymerases, reverse transcriptases, nucleotides and sample preparation products.

Molecular portfolio

immunology raw materials

Raw materials for immunology

Explore our portfolio of antibodies, interference blockers and additional products to bring your immunoassay kit to market. 

Immunology portfolio

Clinical chemistry

Raw materials for clinical chemistry

Benefit from the market leader's expertise in clinical chemistry to source enzymes, substrates, co-factors and more.

Clinical chemistry portfolio

Capture the full potential of your diagnostics assays with raw materials from CustomBiotech

Enhance your diagnostics assay with Roche ingredients

Incorporating Roche-quality components into your diagnostic solutions simplifies your production workflow, guarantees lot-to-lot compatibility, and ensures that you meet industry requirements at every step. Plus, our reliable production and worldwide distribution secure a continuous supply of components.

Every component in a diagnostic assay must deliver consistent performance, regardless of production lot or assay user. Thus, every detail of our manufacturing process is designed to generate the best assay components in every production lot.

Diagnostics companies around the globe have been relying on Roche raw materials for their products and services for decades. Our assay components meet stringent standards of quality and cover the complete spectrum of reagent needs for diagnostics applications. From enzymes and substrates to cofactors and detergents, we bring industry-leading solutions that make a difference in diagnostic testing.


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