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Evolved Kapa polymerases improve the speed and robustness of your molecular assays
Kapa HotStart DNA polymerases are a new generation of polymerases evolved for exceptionally high processivity and robustness.
Tolerant to a broad spectrum of inhibitors, Kapa DNA polymerases exhibit no loss of performance with crude blood, tissue, or plant extracts. They work well with both GC- and AT-rich targets and are lyo-ready, essentially eliminating constraints to flexible assay designs and reproducible results from direct amplification of any target.
  • Minimize purification steps.
  • Create fast protocols with extension times of just 1 second. 
  • Cut PCR times by up to 75%. Kapa DNA polymerases make it possible. 


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Evolved to excel - KAPA3G HotStart DNA Polymerase

Produced in ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facilities, KAPA3G HotStart DNA Polymerase is now made for in vitro diagnostics – extensively tested, in the scale you need, and ready to be lyophilized.

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Mutated DNA polymerases for modern IVD assays

Great creations need premium ingredients
Industry experts describe the use of novel DNA polymerases to boost speed and simplify workflows of today's IVD products.

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