KAPA3G HotStart DNA Polymerase, Glycerol-free, 30 U/µL

from Thermus aquaticus, expressed in E. coli

Evolved to excel - made for IVD

KAPA3G HotStart DNA Polymerase is a new-generation polymerase evolved for exceptionally high processivity and robustness to shorten assay reaction time and minimize sample preparation time without loss in performance.

Produced in CustomBiotech’s ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facilities, KAPA3G HotStart DNA Polymerase is now made for in vitro diagnostics – extensively tested, produced and filled to the scale you need, and ready to be lyophilized for a long shelf-life and flexible assay designs.


  • Exceptional speed: achieve extension times of just 1 second for fast protocols 
  • Broad-spectrum inhibitor tolerance: shorten and simplify workflows by processing crude samples
  • Lyophilization-ready: create flexible assay designs that retain performance over long time periods

Great creations need premium ingredients

Today’s molecular diagnostics are more than a target and an assay. They operate in a fast-paced, demanding setting, delivering accurate data on time without added workload. Such creations are forged from reagents that empower performance and possibilities.



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