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To enable the healthcare industry in bringing state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments to those in need, we have merged our innovative technologies, unique knowledge, and decades of experience under one roof in Penzberg, Germany. This research and manufacturing powerhouse is home to Roche CustomBiotech.

We provide reliable, tailored and high-quality products and raw-materials to biotech and diagnostics companies.


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What it means to work with Roche CustomBiotech

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We look for new ideas, so you can look for new opportunities


Roche pioneers advances in industry because we have creative power and first-class testing grounds for innovation. From research and development to manufacturing and logistics, our experts and facilities cover an unparalleled spectrum of skills and technologies to explore any idea. What emerges is a broad product portfolio proven and ready to drive your business forward.



Looking for a tailor-made solution at the right scale?


Invest time and resources into what you do best - for everything else, rely on us. With customized development, manufacturing, labeling, packaging, and filling of components, we streamline the path of your product to market. To meet unique specifications, we adapt standing products or co-develop new ones. Whatever your goal, leverage our capacity to deliver solutions that fit your business.


Trust us to handle your project with care


Our global reach and state-of-the-art manufacturing mean a secured supply of products and services to drive your business forward, when and where needed. Our stringent standards mean lot-to-lot consistency in narrow specifications so your products meet regulations. Our solutions mean streamlined workflows and traceable quality to strengthen your operational performance.


Our global strength at your fingertips


Over decades, we have confronted the same challenges you face as a diagnostics or pharmaceutical manufacturer. That experience and knowledge enables us to anticipate and overcome roadblocks. From business and regulatory issues to production troubleshooting, we help safeguard your operations and market standing with fast answers to problems, anytime and anywhere.

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