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Biomanufacturing has opened new opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry to address healthcare challenges. The possibilities are endless. The realization of advanced therapies, however, calls for manufacturing that meets stringent quality and regulatory requirements while anticipating risks that can delay or stop production.

Our Roche-quality raw materials are exceptionally well-suited for innovative therapeutic approaches, like mRNA and cell therapies. Starting with products that meet narrow specifications in performance, lot-to-lot consistency, purity and supply is the foundation of robust biomanufacturing.

We complement high-quality content with dedicated tools to monitor, analyze and demonstrate the efficacy and fidelity of manufacturing processes. Our instruments and kits constitute a comprehensive infrastructure to not only meet product release criteria but also ensure maximal production output in a cost and time-efficient manner. Focus on your vision and partner with CustomBiotech to make it a reality.

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Manufacturing of mRNA therapeutics

Raw materials for mRNA therapeutics


Select critical raw materials in scale and quality for industrial use.

mRNA reagents portfolio

Cedex Analyzers

Process control with Cedex Analyzers


Boost your cell culture with metabolite testing and
cell analysis.

Cedex Analyzers


Proteases portfolio


Achieve reproducible performance and high yields without risk of contamination.

Proteases portfolio

Liberase icon

Products for cell and gene therapy


Let us pave your way in advancing concepts to commercialization.

Portfolio for cell and gene therapies (ATMP)

Quality control testing

Quality control testing kits


Improve your quality control strategy with rapid and reliable quality control testing kits.

Quality control testing kits

In vitro Glycosyltransferases and activated sugars

In vitro glycoengineering


Experience new methods for specific and efficient alteration of sugar moieties.

In vitro Glycosyltransferases and activated sugars

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