Proteases for protein cleavage

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Choose out of a wide variety of different proteases from selectively cleaving highly pure proteases specifically designed for use as critical raw materials in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), such as in insulin or vaccine production to tissue dissociating enzymes, up to proteases for total protein degradation. All our enzymes have a high lot to lot consistency and are produced according to DIN EN ISO 13485.


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Recombinant Trypsin is expressed in the yeast Pichia pastoris. This procedure in fermentation and enzyme processing eliminates the risk of endotoxins and animal-derived material. No other proteases are used for downstream processing, making this product highly pure, extremely active, and free of any animal-derived material. Recombinant Trypsin is therefore ideal, even in regulated production environments.



Collagenase I and II are ultrapure, mammalian- and avian-free enzymes dedicated for tissue dissociation. Mild and consistent conditions are essential for high viability and yield of isolated cells. To achieve this, Roche has developed exclusive combinations of our collagenases and neutral proteases offered as Liberase enzyme blends. Customized enzyme combinations are offered on request completing our offering.



Recombinant Carboxypeptidase B expressed in Pichia pastoris is optimal for sensitive manufacturing workflows in biopharma applications, such as active insulin production and post-translational modification of antibodies. Our CpB is animal-component-free and of high performance. Each lot meets narrow quality and activity specifications saving time and money.

Protease inhibitors


Preventing or interrupting protein degradation complements the Roche CustomBiotech protease portfolio in a useful manner. Choose from a variety of different protease inhibitors depending on the protease you need to block.

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