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Maximize yields with efficient cell isolation

High-quality, high-purity digestive enzymes


CustomBiotech offers research-grade and GMP grade single enzymes and enzyme blends to support process development, from preclinical feasibility through commercial manufacturing. Our digestive enzymes are manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Penzberg, Germany.

Thus, we can ensure reproducible performance and volume scalability without compromising quality, which translates to the streamlined qualification and optimization of our enzymes as critical starting materials in your processes.

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Minimize reworks in raw material qualification 


  • Maximize cell viability, functionality and yield to meet your performance requirements
  • Exhibit high lot-to-lot consistency for reproducible results
  • Reduce risk of contamination and animal disease transmission
  • Enable processing various cell sources and easily transitioning to clinical manufacturing
  • Reduce qualification and risk mitigation activities that are costly and time-consuming
  • Include standard or custom-generated documentation to support regulatory submissions

Achieve efficient tissue dissociation


  • Highly-specific-activity enzyme blends with reduced clostripain, trypsin, and endotoxins
  • High lot-to-lot consistency
  • Mammalian- and avian-tissue-free raw materials
  • Research and GMP grads, customization options

Focus early on process control and product safety


Build safety into your processes by detecting impurities early on. Use our complementary, ready-to-use test kits to assess removal of enzyme impurities after cell isolation and for final product safety testing. 

  • Ensure removal of Liberase enzyme blend components with the Residual Protein Liberase Kit
  • Test residuals for collagenase activity with high precision and convenience with the Collagenase Activity Test Kit

Regulatory disclaimers are listed on the respective product pages.

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