Vaccine manufacturing

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Vaccines have the benefit of being the most cost effective health intervention against pathogens and infectious diseases, saving lives and reducing risks for infections.1 The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic thrust vaccines into the limelight as the global threat of global pathogen outbreaks became a global challenge.

Vaccines have been used to fight infectious diseases since the late 1700s2. Vaccines function by triggering the immune system with an antigen for short and long term immune responses. There are different vaccine types that can be classified by the used antigen character, including live-attenuated vaccines, subunit (recombinant protein) vaccines, inactivated vaccines, viral vectored vaccines or mRNA vaccines.3,4

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Novel vaccine approaches

mRNA based vaccine

with mRNA for expressing parts of the pathogen


DNA based vaccine

packed in vectors for expressing parts of the pathogen


Traditional vaccine approaches

Protein based vaccine

with recombinant subunit or whole pathogen protein


Inactivated vaccine

killed & inactivated viruses, could be grown in cells or eggs


With decades of experience in providing high quality raw materials, instruments and solutions for various biopharma manufacturers, we offer proven solutions tailored to your unique process in vaccine manufacturing. We deliver different key materials enabling the production of different vaccine types, opening our customers a versatile toolset for different vaccine types and thereby managing the manufacturing steps necessary to produce vaccines in a manner that is safe, effective, scalable and consistent over the life cycle of a vaccine.

We deliver high-quality products and solution along your vaccine manufacturing workflow

The manufacturing flows used to produce the different vaccine types are on a high level perspective relatively similar. The antigen can be generated by various means. Viruses are e.g. grown either on e.g. chicken eggs or in cell lines. Recombinant protein parts of the virus or bacteria can be expressed in e.g. cell culture (bacteria, yeast or mammalian cells).  With mRNA vaccines the antigen mRNA can be produced as mRNA through an in vitro transcription reaction and the mRNA is administered to express the antigen of interest.

After the antigen is generated, it is isolated and purified from the cells used to generate it. In a final step the vaccine is formulated by adding adjuvant, stabilizers, and preservatives as needed, mRNA vaccines might include the formulation with lipid nanoparticles.

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Antigen generation

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In process control/purification

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Formulation & quality control

CustomBiotech products for the generation and purification of different vaccines

For all cell culture including manufacturing flows we provide cell detachment enzymes, like recombinant Trypsin. Our Cedex Analyzer instruments and comprehensive assay portfolio allow for reliable monitoring of your bioprocess by measurement of metabolites and substrates of interest. To detect potential contaminants of the cell culture in a rapid and sensitive manner we offer our mycoplasma detection kit. The Residual E.coli Kit, for the control of any residual E.coli contaminating DNA, can be used when vaccines are produced in E.coli culture. 

Protein based vaccine production may need additional protease treatments during the polishing steps to get the reactive protein subunit from a precursor protein. For these steps we offer different proteases that can be used during the purification steps.

With regard to RNA vaccines we offer a broad selection of mRNA raw materials, like T7 RNA Polymerase or Ribonucleotides, that allow the production of mRNA via in vitro synthesis.

Solutions for every step in vaccine manufacturing


Cell detachment & purification

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Proteases for cell detachment to harvest cell mass for sub-unit (recombinant protein) vaccines.


Raw materials for mRNA vaccines

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Fit-for-purpose (AOF, Antibiotics-free) and GMP Grade mRNA raw materials for mRNA vaccines.


Bioprocess control 

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Bioprocessing analyzers for metabolite and cell analysis testing during subunit vaccine production or virus production in cell culture. 


Quality control testing

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Fast and reliable detection of mycoplasma and residual DNA during your processes with our NAT based detection kits.

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