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AptaTaq DNA polymerases are formulated in a glycerol-free solution at high concentrations, which guarantees their stability throughout the lyophilization process and subsequent storage. The AptaTaq polymerase family features an aptamer-oligonucleotide mixture with temperature-dependent tertiary structure that serves as a precise hot start switch.

Assays based on AptaTaq enzymes show a broad dynamic range. The specific and stable enzyme allows target detection down to very low copy numbers and shows no loss of activity after storage for 14 months at +2 to +8°C.

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Rely on the proven performance of AptaTaq DNA Polymerase in SARS-CoV-2 assays - also in point-of-care settings

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Made for IVD - AptaTaq DNA Polymerase

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Use glycerol-free formulations at high concentrations

The aptamer principle

Inactive Taq DNA polymerase inhibited by aptamer

Aptataq graph
Aptataq graph

Active Taq DNA polymerase + denatured aptamer

Aptataq graph

The enzyme aptamer-oligonucleotide mixture is a reversible, temperature-dependent hot start system.

The aptamer acts as a molecular switch, changing its temperature-dependent tertiary structure. Dropping the temperature below +55°C shuts off the polymerase activity, while temperatures above +60°C fully activate the enzyme.

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