Restriction endonuclease Xba I, rec., AOF

from Xanthomonas campestris pv. Badrii, expressed in E. coli, solution

High quality template for mRNA synthesis

Restriction enzyme Xba I efficiently cleaves and linearizes template plasmid DNA and prepares it for downstream applications such as mRNA in vitro synthesis. Developed antibiotic-free and Animal-Origin-Free (AOF), Roche CustomBiotech Xba I provides the quality, scale and performance you need for manufacturing templates for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.

We have designed our manufacturing process from the master cell bank to final QC-release to exclude or minimize potential contaminants, thereby reducing overall process risk and simplifying procedures for regulatory approval.

From the generation of the master cell bank to the final filling, no animal-derived materials are used in the process. This greatly simplifies your risk analysis.


Our proprietary E. coli strain eliminates the need for antibiotics during fermentation. Therefore, allergic reactions to antibiotics is not a factor in your overall risk analysis.

Tested during final QC-release for the absence of impurities such as nucleases, DNA, and bioburden. Work with an enzyme at peak performance that poses no risk to downstream processing.

We work with you to provide the necessary technical documents for your regulatory submissions.

Changing reagent quality between pre-clinical development and commercialization poses a risk. Secure your processes by using the best available quality from the start.

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