Featured Solutions for Biopharmaceutical and Diagnostics Manufacturers


Cedex Analyzers

Advance the potential of your cell culture with integrated Cedex Analyzer solutions. 

AptaTaq DNA Polymerase

Benefit from the advantages of a hot start enzyme plus speed and robustness.

Raw Materials for mRNA Therapeutics and Vaccines

Discover fit-for-purpose raw materials in industrial scale more


Kapa Portfolio

Learn more about Kapa 2nd and 3rd generation DNA polymerases for Molecular Diagnostics assays more

MycoTOOL- Mycoplasma Testing Portfolio

Learn about the PCR-based kit for rapid detection of mycoplasma contamination.

HawkZ05 Fast Polymerase

Discover how to run fast one-step RT-PCR protocols with just one enzyme.


Liberase Enzyme Blends

Learn more about the highly purified enzyme blend for reproducible high cell yield and viability. more


Immunoassay Interference Blocker portfolio

Benefit from our blockers to enhance your assay quality 


Cell and Gene Therapies portfolio

Powering excellence for your manufacturing more