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Cell Analysis with Cedex HiRes Analyzer - the Roche Cell Counter

The Cedex HiRes Analyzer is your partner for automated cell culture analysis with proven image based technology. It features high precision and reliable measurement tools for cell culture analysis in research, process development, and industrial GMP production.

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Designed for pharmaceutical process development

With the fully automated Cedex HiRes Analyzer, you receive high-resolution scanner-based imaging, state-of-the-art automation, and superb process safety. In addition to cell concentration and cell viability, the analyzer measures morphological parameters, such as cell diameter and compactness, and provides quantitative information about cell aggregation in cell samples. Designed for pharmaceutical process development and industrial production, the Cedex HiRes Analyzer meets today's GMP compliance requirements.

  • Increase your process reliability  
  • Obtain deeper insights into your cell culture 
  • Speed up your workflow
  • Improve your data management and documentation  

The technology, based on the Trypan Blue Exclusion Method, provides accurate data about cell density, cell viability, and other cell-specific parameters. Additional software features include comprehensive data management, graphical result evaluation, and System Suitability Testing, ensuring process safety in GMP environments


Regulatory disclaimer:
For use in quality control / manufacturing process only.