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NxtScript and NxtScript 2G reverse transcriptases

Rely on the designed thermostability of NxtScript RTs for steady, high performance

The NxtScript family of high-quality raw materials is a reverse transcriptase cluster selectively evolved towards improved performance at temperatures that free RT-PCR from common restrictions.

With no loss of activity at 60°C (NxtScript RT) and even 70°C (NxtScript 2G RT), members of the NxtScript family release reverse transcription from limitations that complicate diagnostic assay design and architecture. 
RNA secondary structures unravel at these high temperatures and thus, no longer prevent amplification.

The high NxtScript thermostability no longer limits melting temperature making it easy to process GC-rich regions. NxtScript RT and NxtScript 2G RT simplify your RT-PCR design.


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lyo-ready nxtscript

Count on top manufacturing of a highly concentrated and lyo-ready RT

The formulation of NxtScript RT and NxtScript 2G RT is also designed to easily integrate into your assay architecture. Both are custom filled to your processing needs. NxtScript 2G RT goes a step further: as a glycerol-free product at an industry-leading concentration of ≥500 U/µl, you can lyophilize it alone or in mixture with other reagents.


The right NxtScript
reverse transcriptase
for your diagnostic assay


NxtScript RT

  • Maximal reaction temperature +60°C
  • High concentration: ≥ 250 U/µl
  • Available as one-step master

NxtScript 2G RT

  • Reaction temperature up to +70°C
  • Lyo ready: glycerol-free and high concentration of > 500 U/µl
  • Extended impurity testing

Rely on the proven performance of NxtScript RT in SARS-CoV-2 assays

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