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HawkZ05 Fast Polymerase

A single enzyme for RNA and DNA amplification

The choice of polymerase is decisive to the success of both RNA and DNA amplification. CustomBiotech offers a single-enzyme solution for real-time PCR detection of both targets – HawkZ05 Fast Polymerase. 

Our standardized manufacturing processes, extensive quality control release testing and thus, high lot-to-lot consistency are the perfect foundation for efficient (IVD) kit production for manufacturers and reliable performance for end users. 

  • Rely on the proven performance of HawkZ05 Fast Polymerase in SARS-CoV-2 assays 
  • Support the fight against COVID-19 with your assays also in a point-of-care setting thanks to the lyo-ready format of HawkZ05 Fast Polymerase


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High thermostability for better performance with low-copy targets

lyo ready

Glycerol-free formulations at high concentrations

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Dual-activity for higher flexibility in PCR workflows

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