NxtScript 2G RT, conc.

thermostable reverse transcriptase, 500 U/μL, glycerol-free solution

Heat-powered RT-PCR performance in a new generation

The NxtScript family is a designed mutated reverse transcriptase cluster selectively evolved toward thermostability at increasingly higher temperatures.

NxtScript 2G RT is the latest member of the family and pushes the temperature of the RT step to new levels: no loss of activity even at 70°C. At this reaction temperature, common restrictions of RT-PCR are removed, simplifying assay design and eliminating compromises


  • Easily detect difficult RNA targets
    At higher temperatures, RNA secondary structures unravel and no longer prevent amplification.
  • Tackle any GC-rich regions
    The thermostability of the enzyme no longer limits melting temperature
  • Work with any target of interest
    Make no compromises in your RT-PCR design because of target sequence.

Great creations need premium ingredients

Reagents made for IVD assays

Today’s molecular diagnostics are more than a target and an assay. They operate in a fast-paced, demanding setting, delivering accurate data on time.

Such creations are forged from reagents that empower performance and possibilities.



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