• Liberase Enzyme Blends


    Reliable performance,
    leading results

Enzyme Performance

High Lot-to-Lot Consistency

Figure 1. Liberase MNP-S with medium content of Thermolysin shows minimal degradation of Collagenase I and II reproducibly in three different lots, due to a proprietary blending process.

Increased Cell Viability, Functionality, and Yield 1, 2

Figure 2. Use of Liberase TM Research Grade results in increased yield of cells isolated from human lung tumor (left), as well as increased number of viable primary mouse hepatocytes (right), compared to competitor products. Error bars represent the standard deviation of the independent preparations.1 Appelt et al., 2010, Euro Biotech News, Vol. 9.2 Schulz et al., 2009, Biochemica, No. 4

Visibly Pure Enzymes

Figure 3. The superior purity of Liberase enzymes (white) versus traditional crude collagenase (brown) is visibly apparent (A). Additionially, the blade structure of Liberase formulations allows the enzymes to dissolve efficiently in solution (B).