• HawkZ05 Fast Polymerase

    Single enzyme for 
    RNA & DNA amplification 


HawkZ05 Fast Polymerase enables you to run fast one-step RT-PCR protocols with just one enzyme


The choice of polymerase is a crucial component to success in amplification, for both RNA and DNA. CustomBiotech offers a single-enzyme solution for Real-Time PCR detection of both targets – HawkZ05 Fast Polymerase. 

The enzyme aptamer-oligonucleotide mixture is a reversible, temperature-dependent hot start system. The aptamer acts as a molecular switch, changing its temperature-dependent tertiary structure.Dropping the temperature below +55°C shuts off the polymerase activity, whiletemperatures above +60°C fully activate the enzyme.

HawkZ05 Fast Polymerase Benefits:

  • Achieve improved convenience and flexibility in PCR workflows
    Hawk Z05 Fast Polymerase hot start system enables amplification of both RNA and DNA targets.
  • Increase performance for low-copy targets 
    Achieve reliable amplification of your low-copy RNA targets due to high temperature reverse transcription at 60-65°C and improved RNA processivity.
  • Reduce time to result 
    Save up to 30 minutes per run by omitting the initial activation step required by chemically modified hot start polymerases, and reduce cycling time with fast protocols. 
  • Simplify PCR setup
    Room temperature setup possible due to stable aptamer hot start for both reverse transcription and PCR reaction.
  • Obtain consistent results
    Rely on our standardized manufacturing processes, including extensive QC release testing and thus, high lot-to-lot consistency, providing the perfect basis for (IVD) kit manufacturers and end users. 
  • Improved sensitivity
    Higher fluorescence intensity results in earlier Cps and improves results for weakly positive samples.
  • Ready for lyophilization and improved liquid handling
    Proven glycerol-free enzyme available.