{ "ProductData": { "ID": "", "ProductType": "Others", "BrandName": "NxtScript Reverse Transcriptase, high conc., 1MU", "ProductNameAddition": "mutant from Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus, expressed in E.coli", "RegulatoryDisclaimer1": "For further processing only.", "DisclaimerGroup1": "", "RegulatoryDisclaimer2": null, "DisclaimerGroup2": null, "RegulatoryDisclaimer3": null, "SampleType": [ ], "LicenseDisclaimers": [ ], "RelatedLinks": "", "Clone": "", "ControlTissue": [ "" ], "ISOtypes": "", "Species": [ "" ], "StainLocalization": [ "" ], "ProductNameGlobal": "NxtScript RT high conc. 1MU" }, "ProductImageDetails": { "ImagePath": "https://pim-media.roche.com/Images/CB_IMAGE_.png", "ImageType": "Image main" }, "Product2Taxonomy": { "Product2TaxonomyReferences": [ { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Applications", "StructureSystemName": "Applications", "NodeID": "99-00-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Disease_Areas", "StructureSystemName": "Disease Areas", "NodeID": "99-00-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Health_Topics", "StructureSystemName": "Health Topics", "NodeID": "99-00-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Lab_Type", "StructureSystemName": "Lab Types", "NodeID": "180-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Organization", "StructureSystemName": "Organization", "NodeID": "01-01-01-07-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "CustomBiotech and LifeScience" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Pathogens", "StructureSystemName": "Pathogens", "NodeID": "99-00-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Family", "StructureSystemName": "Product Families", "NodeID": "520", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "NxtScript" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Grouping", "StructureSystemName": "Product Grouping", "NodeID": "02-0136", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Molecular Raw Materials" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Grouping", "StructureSystemName": "Product Grouping", "NodeID": "02-0014", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Enzymes" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Solutions", "StructureSystemName": "Product Solutions", "NodeID": "520", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "CustomBiotech" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Product_Types", "StructureSystemName": "Product Types", "NodeID": "70-047-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Reverse Transcriptases" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Techniques", "StructureSystemName": "Techniques", "NodeID": "300-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "RT-PCR/qRT-PCR" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Grouping", "StructureSystemName": "Product Grouping", "NodeID": "02-0021", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Lyo-ready and High Concentration Reagents" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Product_Types", "StructureSystemName": "Product Types", "NodeID": "20-000-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Assays Reagents and Strips" } ] }, "Product2Materials": { "P2MaterialReferences": [ { "MaterialNum": "09917225001", "MaterialDescription": "NxtScript RT, high conc., 1MU", "RegisteredProductName": "NxtScript RT, high conc., 1MU", "GTIN": "", "ProductCategoryText": "Reagents, kits", "OldMaterialNumber": "", "PackSizePIM360": "200 µl ", "PackSizeDescPIM360": "Not Available", "MaterialAnnotation": "", "ReadyForUse": "", "OrderInformation": "Will be supplied as \"NxtScript RT, high conc., 1MU\". Unit of Measure is \"PC\".1 PC contains 200 µl" } ] }, "Product2Products": { "Product2ProductReference": [ ] }, "ProductSpec": [ { "ProductSpecVariant": { "Chapters": [ { "Name": "Applications", "Value": "Use NxtScript RT for synthesis of cDNA from total RNA or mRNA for:
  • One-step and two-step RT-PCR applications
  • RT-PCR for detection of viral targets
  • RT-PCR for detection of mRNA targets, such as cancer biomarkers
  • TMA and NASBA nucleic acid amplification methods
  • Generation of full-length cDNA libraries
  • Rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE)
", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Applications" }, { "Name": "Product Description", "Value": "NxtScript RT high. Conc. Is a stand-alone reverse transcriptase. The highly concentrated formulation makes the product more suitable for lyophilization and for the preparation of dry amplification mix preparations.", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Product Description" }, { "Name": "Positioning", "Value": "Highly concentrated M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase mutant designed for high thermostability.", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Positioning" }, { "Name": "Benefits", "Value": "Reverse transcribe difficult templates.
The high thermostability of NxtScript allows reactions up to +60°C to overcome RNA secondary structures (e.g., in GC-rich templates).

Achieve higher yield.
NxtScript RT lacks RNase H activity. This results in higher cDNA yields.

Stay specific.
Make use of the wide temperature activity range of NxtScript and reverse transcribe at the temperature that is optimal for your RNA target.", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Benefits" }, { "Name": "Properties", "Value": "NxtScript reverse transcriptase is highly thermostable and allows higher temperatures for reverse transcription, thus providing excellent results for difficult RNA targets.
EC Number: 
Enzyme activities: RNA-dependent DNA polymerase, DNA-dependent DNA polymerase, low RNase H activity, no endonuclease activity.
Recommended reaction temperature: +42 to +55°C
Substrates: Incorporates dNTP, ddNTP, dUTP, and various labeled or modified nucleotides.
Divalent ion requirement: Mg2+", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Properties" }, { "Name": "Specification", "Value": "Appearance: Clear, colorless solution
Activity (calculated): 5525 - 6800 kU /ml
Protein concentration: 13 - 16 mg / ml
Function test one-step RT-qPCR, G6PDH (on LC480 II with human reference RNA and G6PDH Assay)
Purity (SDS-PAGE): ≥90%
Unspecific endonucleases (MWM III DNA): Not detectable in up to 75 U after 16 hours incubation at +37°C.
Ribonucleases (MS2 RNA): Not detectable in up to 150 U after 1 hour incubation at +37°C.
Stability: At -15 to -25°C within specification range for 30 months.", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Specification" }, { "Name": "CB - Order Information", "Value": "09917225001: Will be supplied as \"NxtScript RT, high conc., 1MU\". Unit of Measure is \"PC\".", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "CB - Order Information" } ] } } ] }

NxtScript Reverse Transcriptase, high conc., 1MU

mutant from Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus, expressed in E.coli

NxtScript Reverse Transcriptase, high conc., 1MU
An impactful leap in concentration and possibilities

The NxtScript family of reverse transcriptases includes a selection of designed mutated enzymes that have been evolved for high thermostability. Thus, they are ideal for reactions to detect difficult RNA targets, even when they contain GC.rich regions.

Offering the same performance profile, the M-MLV Mutant NxtScript RT unlocks new possibilities in assay architecture with a significant leap in concentration to 5000 U/µL.

This highly concentrated reverse transcriptaase significantly reduces the volume of reagents needed in a reaction, making room for sample material. Thus, it is optimal for applications where volume, accuracy, and speed are prime considerations.

  • Saves volume for more sample material
    Create assays for samples containing more dilute target molecules

  • Boosts sensitivity
    Drive detection with higher reagent availability in each reaction

  • Lyophilizes easily
    Simplify assay setup and procedure with a readily dried down enzyme


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