NxtScript Reverse Transcriptase, high conc., 1MU

mutant from Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus, expressed in E.coli

NxtScript Reverse Transcriptase, high conc., 1MU
An impactful leap in concentration and possibilities

The NxtScript family of reverse transcriptases includes a selection of designed mutated enzymes that have been evolved for high thermostability. Thus, they are ideal for reactions to detect difficult RNA targets, even when they contain GC.rich regions.

Offering the same performance profile, the M-MLV Mutant NxtScript RT unlocks new possibilities in assay architecture with a significant leap in concentration to 5000 U/µL.

This highly concentrated reverse transcriptaase significantly reduces the volume of reagents needed in a reaction, making room for sample material. Thus, it is optimal for applications where volume, accuracy, and speed are prime considerations.

  • Saves volume for more sample material
    Create assays for samples containing more dilute target molecules

  • Boosts sensitivity
    Drive detection with higher reagent availability in each reaction

  • Lyophilizes easily
    Simplify assay setup and procedure with a readily dried down enzyme


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