Product launch: RNase Inhibitor, lyo-ready

Elevating molecular diagnostics to new heights with RNase Inhibitor, lyo-ready

In the world of molecular IVD assays, manufacturers face a common challenge: preserving the integrity of RNA samples. The stability of RNA is vital for accurate and reliable diagnostic results. However, the presence of ribonucleases (RNases) can jeopardize the quality of these samples, leading to inaccurate outcomes and wasted efforts.

At Roche CustomBiotech, we understand the obstacles encountered in the pursuit of excellence. That's why we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation:  RNase Inhibitor, lyo-ready. This new product has been specifically developed to provide a reliable solution for protecting valuable RNA materials.

RNase Inhibitor, lyo-ready boasts a high concentration and glycerol-free formulation, offering stability and compatibility with dried-down applications. By incorporating this cutting-edge solution into your manufacturing process, you can optimize operations and achieve significant cost savings. Bid farewell to the worries of RNA degradation and embrace the confidence that comes with using RNase Inhibitor lyo-ready. Allow us to support you on your journey of developing accurate and reliable diagnostic solutions. 

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Roche CustomBiotech is renowned for delivering high-quality reagents that meet stringent industry requirements. You can trust that our products consistently deliver the performance and reliability necessary for manufacturing your molecular IVD assays.

For further processing into IVD products and medical devices only.

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