RNase Inhibitor, rec., lyo-ready

from rat lung, expressed in E. coli, glycerol-free solution

RNase Inhibitor, rec., lyo-ready
Preserve the integrity of your RNA samples

RNase Inhibitor, lyo-ready, is a cutting-edge solution designed to safeguard your valuable RNA samples during molecular diagnostic procedures and reverse transcription. With its glycerol-free formulation and stability, our product sets a new standard for RNA protection in the field of molecular diagnostics (data on file at Roche).

Manufactured in an ISO-13485 certified facility, RNase Inhibitor, lyo-ready, offers outstanding performance and peace of mind for manufacturers of molecular IVD assays. With high concentration and lyo-ready formulation, this product is specially tailored to meet the requirements of molecular point of care applications, including infectious diseases, oncology, and various other diagnostic applications.


By incorporating our RNase Inhibitor, lyo-ready, into your manufacturing process, you can achieve substantial savings through process optimization. 

Key features:

  • 10x concentration for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness

  • Glycerol-free formulation for compatibility with dried-down applications

  • Specifications designed to ensure peace of mind at every step of commercialization

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