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Impurities quality control testing

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Roche CustomBiotech provides rapid and reliable quality control testing kits for residual host cell DNA and residual protein impurities to help you improve your quality control strategy in the manufacture of your product(s). 

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Residual host cell DNA quantification

In the manufacturing of biologics using expression systems, host cell DNA levels should be low in the final product to meet regulatory guidelines appropriate for the product’s intended use. Manufacturers of biologics use different approaches to show low residual DNA in the purification process and final substance. Pilot experiments showing removal of added host cell DNA, lot-to-lot testing to show purity and reproducibility or an appropriately conducted clearance study for DNA removal are just some examples. The critical consideration regardless of your testing strategy is to use a sensitive residual host cell DNA kit that meets or exceeds the relevant regulatory requirements of your product.

Residual DNA E. coli kit and CHO kit

CustomBiotech detection solutions for residual host cell DNA are based on real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) that provides highly sensitive quantitation of DNA levels from E. coli or CHO expression systems. Robust and easy to use, the kits can be employed at each step in the purification process and in drug substance samples to confirm purity within hours. Developed to meet WHO requirements, the kits offer exceptional sensitivity.

  • Highly sensitive quantification of host cell DNA that meets WHO requirements
  • Suitable for use across a broad range of sample types and at various stages of your process
  • Optimized sample preparation protocol for high DNA recovery
  • All-inclusive reagents kit

Regulatory disclaimers are listed on the respective product pages.

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