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HawkZ05 Fast DNA Polymerase, 200 U/μl

mutant from Thermus species Z05, recombinant in E. coli, glycerol-free solution

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HawkZ05 Fast DNA Polymerase, 200 U/μl material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
07731329103 custom fill
Will be supplied as "HawkZ05 Fast DNA Pol, glyc-free, 200 U/μL". Unit of measure is "kU".
Reversible hot start DNA polymerase with high reverse transcriptase activity for one-step RT-PCR, allowing a fast RT-step; lyo ready formulation for preparation of dried amplification mixes.
HawkZ05 Fast DNA Polymerase is a blend of Z05 DNA Polymerase and a specific oligonucleotide (aptamer) providing hot start feature. The concentrated, glycerol-free formulation is ready for lyophilization and suitable for the preparation of dry amplification mix preparations.
  • Be flexible.
    Hawk Z05 Fast DNA Polymerase hot start system enables amplification of both RNA and DNA targets.
  • Experience high performance.
    Achieve reliable amplification of your low-copy RNA targets due to high temperature reverse transcription at +60 to +65°C and improved RNA processivity.
  • Achieve high sensitivity.
    High fluorescence intensity results in lower Cp values and improves results for weakly positive samples.
  • Prepare stable amplification mixes in dry format.
    Use this formulation for producing dried-down amplification mixes stable at room temperature.
Apply HawkZ05 Fast DNA Polymerase for:
  • Fast, high temperature cDNA synthesis and subsequent DNA amplification of RNA templates
  • Use in multiplex PCR and qPCR applications that require high specificity, sensitivity, and yield
  • Incorporation of modified nucleotides for labeling of PCR products
  • Detection formats such as hydrolysis probes, hybridization probes and SYBR Green
  • Fast-cycling diagnostic applications and other routine amplification of low-copy targets
  • Formulation of dried-down or lyophilized amplification reagents
HawkZ05 Fast DNA Polymerase is active at temperatures above +60 to +65°C and inactive below +55°C. This hot start feature eliminates the risk of unspecific primer extension. Z05 Fast DNA Polymerase is a mutant of the thermostable enzyme isolated from the thermophilic eubacterium Thermus species Z05, expressed in E. coli. In many aspects, the enzyme is very similar to Tth DNA Polymerase, however, it exhibits a higher stability under PCR conditions and allows for faster transcription.
Enzyme activities: Highly processive 5'-3' DNA polymerase; no 3'-5' exonuclease activity; very fast intrinsic reverse transcriptase (RT) activity in the presence of manganese ions; RNase H activity
pH optimum: Approximately 9.0 (+25°C)
Temperature optimum for elongation: Approximately +72°C
Temperature optimum for reverse transcription: Approximately +60 to +65°C
Divalent ion requirement for PCR: Mg2+
Divalent ion requirement for RT activity and RT-PCR: Mn2+
Substrates: Incorporates dNTP, dUPT, dITP, various labeled or modified nucleotides (200 μmol/L each is recommended of standard dNTP, increased concentrations of variants)
Appearance: Clear, colorless solution
Volume activity: 265±65 U/μL
Glycerol content: ≤0.1% (v/v)
Aptamer concentration (HPLC): 188.7 μM±10%
Double-strand specific endonucleases (MWM II DNA): Not detectable in 30 U enzyme after 1 hour incubation at +37 and +74°C.
Double-strand specific exonucleases (MWM V DNA): Not detectable in up to 30 U enzyme after 1 hour incubation at +37°C.
Double-strand specific exonucleases (MWM V DNA): Not detectable in up to 30 U enzyme after 1 hour incubation at +74°C.
Stability: At -15 to -25°C within specification range for 12 months.