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DNase I, recombinant, Grade I

from bovine pancreas, expressed in Pichia pastoris, lyophilizate

For further processing only.

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Order information
DNase I, recombinant, Grade I material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
03724778103 Minimum order size of 200 KU (Pack size: 10 KU)
05952077103 510 kU
Will be supplied as "DNase I rec RGI (10 KU)". Unit of measure is "piece".
Recombinant DNase I is an essential tool for all applications requiring DNA-free RNA templates.
DNase I, recombinant, Grade I, originally isolated from bovine pancreas, is a recombinant enzyme expressed in Pichia pastoris. It is a glycoprotein of a molecular weight of approximately 39 kD. DNase I, recombinant, Grade I, is a DNA-specific endonuclease that hydrolyzes phosphodiester linkages of double- and single-stranded DNA to a mixture of mono- and oligonucleotides.
DNase I, recombinant, Grade I, is manufactured using state-of-the-art processes yielding animal component-free material.
  • Achieve reliable results with undegraded and stable RNA.
    Rely on the highly purified and rigorously tested product that excludes RNase activity ensuring high sensitivity of your RT-PCR assay.
  • Be compliant with regulatory requirements.
    DNase as recombinant enzyme is free of animal-derived materials.
DNase I, recombinant, Grade I, is suitable for:
  • Isolation of DNA-free RNA produced by in vitro transcription
  • Producing DNA-free preparations of protein and RNA:
    - To ensure that RT-PCR templates are free of genomic DNA
    - To remove DNA templates after in vitro transcription of RNA
  • Nick-translation labeling of DNA with added DNA polymerase I
  • Determining the "footprint" of a DNA-binding protein
  • Microarray analysis
Nomenclature: DNase I
pH optimum: 7.0-8.0
Activators: DNase I requires bivalent cations for maximal activity.
Inhibitors: EDTA, EGTA, SDS
Specificity: Double-strand specific endonuclease that degrades DNA
Appearance: White to slightly yellowish lyophilizate
Activity (calf thymus DNA, hydrous solution): ≥10 kU/vial lyophilizate (cat.no. 03724778103);
450.0-562.5 kU (cat.no. 0592077103)
Activity (calf thymus DNA, modified buffer system): No limit
Unit definition: One unit according to Kunitz produces an increase in absorbance of 0.001/minute under assay conditions in 1 mL at 260 nm.
Proteases (resorufin-marked casein): Not detectable in up to 50 U after 17 hours incubation at +37°C.
Ribonucleases (MS2 RNA): Not detectable in up to 2 U after 4 hours incubation at +37°C.
Stability: At +2 to +8°C within specification range for 24 months.