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Glutathione, reduced form (GSH)

crystalline powder

For further processing only.

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Glutathione, reduced form (GSH) material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
10002801103 custom fill
Will be supplied as "Glutathione, Reduced Form (GSH)". Unit of measure is "kg".
GSH is used as a food supplement or fermentation media compound.
Use GSH as an antioxidative to significantly reduce free radicals.
Formula: C10H17N3O6S
Molecular weight: 307.3 D
Appearance: White, crystalline powder
Solubility: Clear, colorless in water (c=50 mg/mL)
A405 (hydrous solution, alkaline; 4.0 mL + 0.2 mL NaOH, 2 mol/L): ≤0.050
Melting range: +189 to +200C°
Specific rotation: -16.5 to -21.4°
Purity (enzymatically and iodometric): ≥98%
Purity (iodometrically): ≥98%
Loss on drying (+105°C, 2 hours): ≤1%
Glutathione, oxidized form (enzymatically): ≤1.5%
Fe (bathophenanthroline): ≤5 ppm
Heavy metals (as Pb, AAS): ≤5 ppm
Methanol (GC): ≤50 ppm
Aceton (GC): ≤50 ppm
Ethanol (GC): ≤0.1%
Stability: At +2 to +8°C within specification range for 24 months.