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Glutathione, oxidized form (GSSG)


For further processing only.

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Glutathione, oxidized form (GSSG) material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
10151327103 custom fill
Will be supplied as ''Glutathione, Oxidized Form (GSSG)''. Unit of measure is ''g''.
Use GSSG for in vitro renaturation of proteins in inclusion bodies, and also as a reaction partner of GSH.
Formula: C20H32N6O12S2
Molecular weight: 612.6 D
Appearance: White lyophilizate
Purity (enzymatically): ≥90%
Water (K. Fischer): ≤5.0%
Glutathione, reduced form (enzymatically): ≤0.5%
Fe (AAS): ≤20 ppm
Heavy metals (as Pb, AAS): ≤10 ppm
Ca (qualitative): Negative
Residual solvents (GC): ≤0.1%
Stability: At +2 to +8°C within specification range for 36 months.