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Glycerol-3-phosphate Oxidase

from E.coli overproducer, lyophilizate

For further processing only.

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Glycerol-3-phosphate Oxidase material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
11654730103 custom fill
Will be supplied as "L-a-Glycerol-phosphate Oxidase, rec., Lyo.". Unit of measure is "MU".
Additional formulation: Lyophilizate, Catalog No. 11 582 003 103
Recombinant oxidoreductase that catalyzes the interconversion of glycerol 3-phosphate to dihydroxyacetone phosphate.
modified rec GPO (11582003103) has advantage over rec GPO (11654730103) in liquid Trig reagents of higher temperature stability. Modified is also more stable in some detergents. Non-modified is more useful than modified GPO in applications that require a higher concentration of GPO activity, such as test strip production.
Use Glycerol-3-phosphate Oxidase in diagnostic tests for the determination of triglycerides together with Glycerol Kinase, Catalog Nos. 10 539 937 103 or 11 499 530 103 and Lipoprotein Lipase, Catalog No. 11 145 991 103.
Nomenclature: Glycerol-3-phosphate : oxygen oxidoreductase
Molecular weight: 75 kD (SDS-PAGE); 74 kD (gel filtration, Sephadex G 150)
Isoelectric point: ~4.2 (230 000 D (Sephadex G 200), 4 x 58 000 D (SDS-gel electrophoresis))
Michaelis constants (L-glycerol phosphate):
K-phosphate buffer, 0.1 mol/L; pH 7.5: 1.36 x 10-2 mol/L(o-dianisidine assay)
Tris buffer, 0.1 mol/L; pH 7.6: 2.90 x 10-3 mol/L (o-dianisidine assay)
Tris buffer, 0.1 mol/L; pH 8.1: 1.40 x 10-3 mol/L (PAP assay)
Structure: Monomeric protein with FAD as cofactor
Inhibitors: Ag, Hg-salts and SDS
pH optimum: 8.0-8.5 (see figure)
Temperature dependence: See figure
pH stability: 6.5-8.5 (see figure)
Thermal stability: See figure
Specificity: Glycerol phosphate oxidase reacts highly specific with L-α-glycerol phosphate.
Appearance: Greenish yellow lyophilizate
Solubility: Clear yellow solution in Tris/HCl, 150 mmol/L, pH 7.6 (c=10 mg/mL)
Activity (+25°C, L-α-glycerol-3-phosphate): ≥50 U/mg lyophilizate
Activity (+37°C): ≥90 U/mg lyophilizate
Contaminants (expressed as percentage of Glycerol-3-phosphate Oxidase activity):
Cholesterol oxidase: ≤0.001
Lactate oxidase: ≤0.002
Uricase: ≤0.001
Stability: At +2 to +8°C within specification range for 12 months. Store dry.