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β-1,4-Galactosyltransferase, rec. EQ

human, expressed in CHO cells, solution

For further processing only.

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β-1,4-Galactosyltransferase, rec. EQ material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
08098182103 0.4 g
08098182101 1.5 mg
08 098 182 103: Unit of measure is "gram".
08 098 182 101: Unit of measure is "piece".
β-1,4-Galactosyltransferase, rec. EQ can be used for in vitro glycoengineering of glycoproteins, e.g. therapeutic proteins, in drug development and manufacturing.
β-1,4-Galactosyltransferase, rec. EQ is a highly active recombinant human glycosyltransferase, expressed in CHO cells.

To use in vitro glycoengineering in drug development and manufacturing processes, enzymes should be of enhanced quality (EQ), compared to enzymes used in early R&D or analytical applications: Enzymes should be tested for host-cell impurities and relevant metal impurities and be available at least in gram amounts.
β-1,4-Galactosyltransferase, rec. EQ fulfills those criteria and can also be provided in GMP Grade upon request.
Benefits from in vitro glycoengineering to modify glycosylation of therapeutic proteins:
  • Time- and cost-saving generation of glycan variants to facilitate drug development.
  • Optimized glycosylation without compromising other CQAs or product yield.
  • Improved lot-to-lot consistency to reduce risk of product quality variation and resulting delays.
  • Generation of glycoprofiles which may not otherwise be generated.
  • Streamlined analytics in comparability studies.
Incubation of β-1,4-Galactosyltransferase and UDP-Galactose with a glycoprotein leads to increased galactosylation of the glycoprotein.
Appearance: Clear and colorless to slightly yellowish solution.
Specific activity: >12 U/mg
Protein (OD 280 nm) A280 = 0.984: 15 ± 1.5 mg/mL
Purity (HPLC): >90%
Bioburden: ≤100 CFU/mL
Endotoxin: ≤10 EU/mg
Host cell protein: ≤ 4000 ppm
Host cell DNA: ≤ 100 pg/mg
Heavy metal: (Cd, Co, V, Ni, Ag, Se) ≤ 10 ppm
Stability: At -15 to -25°C within specification range for 18 months.
License disclaimer

78:The sale of the Product does not exhaust or grant any rights in third party patents including patents of companies of the F. Hoffmann - La Roche AG group of companies, in particular, for the use of modified antibodies obtained by using the product.