UTP, GMP Grade

sodium salt, 100 mM

A solid start in mRNA synthesis

Ribonucleotides are the critical starting materials for the synthesis of mRNA by in vitro transcription.

Minimize risk and complications in the transition from development to industrial production of mRNA therapeutics or vaccines by relying on the same product quality from a high-volume NTP supplier:

* Consistent NTP production under GMP since 25 years.

* Obtain all natural NTPs and N1-Methyl-Pseudo-UTP from a single source.

Produced using validated manufacturing and cleaning processes up to the final filling step and released under stringent final QC checks. Know that you are getting consistent quality every time.

We work with you to provide the necessary technical documents for your regulatory submissions.

Changing reagent quality between pre-clinical development and commercialization poses a risk. Secure your processes by using the best available quality from the start.

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Technical documents

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