{ "ProductData": { "RelatedLinks": "", "RegulatoryDisclaimer1": "", "RegulatoryDisclaimer2": "", "StainLocalization": [ "" ], "ProductType": "Others", "DisclaimerGroup2": null, "ProductNameGlobal": "Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase recombinant expressed in E. coli", "DisclaimerGroup1": null, "ControlTissue": [ "" ], "BrandName": "Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase", "LicenseDisclaimers": [ ], "Isotypes": "", "RegulatoryDisclaimer3": "For customers in the European Economic Area: Contains SVHC: octyl/nonylphenol ethoxylates. For further processing on its own or in a mixture as part of an IVD method and under controlled conditions only – acc. to Art. 56 (3) and 3 no. 23 REACH Regulation.", "ID": "", "ProductNameAddition": "recombinant, expressed in E. coli", "Species": [ "" ], "Clone": "" }, "ProductImageDetails": { "ImagePath": "https://pim-media.roche.com/Images/CB_IMAGE.png", "ImageType": "Image main" }, "Product2Taxomony": { "Product2TaxomonyReferences": [ { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Product_Types", "StructureSystemName": "Product Types", "NodeName": "Reverse Transcriptases", "NodeID": "70-047-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Grouping", "StructureSystemName": "Product Grouping", "NodeName": "Molecular Raw Materials", "NodeID": "02-0136" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Organization", "StructureSystemName": "Organization", "NodeName": "CustomBiotech and LifeScience", "NodeID": "01-01-01-07-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Grouping", "StructureSystemName": "Product Grouping", "NodeName": "Enzymes", "NodeID": "02-0014" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Techniques", "StructureSystemName": "Techniques", "NodeName": "RT-PCR/qRT-PCR", "NodeID": "300-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Solutions", "StructureSystemName": "Product Solutions", "NodeName": "CustomBiotech", "NodeID": "520" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Lab_Type", "StructureSystemName": "Lab Types", "NodeName": "Manufacturing", "NodeID": "180-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Applications", "StructureSystemName": "Applications", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "99-00-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Disease_Areas", "StructureSystemName": "Disease Areas", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "99-00-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Pathogens", "StructureSystemName": "Pathogens", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "99-00-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Family", "StructureSystemName": "Product Families", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "999" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Health_Topics", "StructureSystemName": "Health Topics", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "99-00-00" } ] }, "Product2Materials": { "P2MaterialReferences": [ { "MaterialNum": "03531252103", "MaterialDescription": "Transcriptor Bulk", "RegisteredProductName": "Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase", "GTIN": "07613336133248", "ProductCategoryText": "Reagents, kits", "OldMaterialNumber": "", "PackSizePIM360": "custom fill", "PackSizeDescPIM360": "", "MaterialAnnotation": "CustomBiotech product. Please contact your local representative.", "ReadyForUse": "", "OrderInformation": "Will be supplied as \"Transcriptor Bulk\". Unit of measure is \"kU\".
The enzyme is supplied without reaction buffer." } ] }, "Product2Products": { "Product2ProductReference": [ ] }, "ProductSpec": [ { "ProductSpecVariant": { "Chapters": [ { "Language": "en", "Value": "Use Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase for synthesis of cDNA from total RNA or mRNA for:
  • Two-step RT-PCR applications using conventional thermal cyclers or real-time PCR instruments
  • RT-PCR for detection of viral RNA
  • TMA and NASBA nucleic acid amplification methods
  • Synthesis of full-length cDNA up to 14 kb for libraries or cloning
  • Rapid amplification of cDNA end (RACE)
", "Name": "Applications" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase is the robust recombinant reverse transcriptase with thermostability up to +60°C, for transcription of RNA fragments up to 14 kb in two-step RT-PCR applications.", "Name": "Positioning" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "Will be supplied as \"Transcriptor Bulk\". Unit of measure is \"kU\".
The enzyme is supplied without reaction buffer.", "Name": "CB - Order Information" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "Appearance: Clear, colorless solution
Storage buffer: Potassium phosphate, 200 mmol/L; DTT, 2 mmol/L; Triton X-100, 0.2% (v/v); glycerol, 50% (v/v), pH approximately 7.2
Volume activity: ≥20 U/μL
Specific activity: ≥50 kU/mg protein
Unit definition: One unit Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase is defined as the amount of enzyme which incorporates 1 nmol of [3H]TMP into an acid insoluble product in 10 minutes at +37°C with poly(A)x(dT)15 as substrate.
Purity (SDS PAGE): ≥90%
Unspecific endonucleases (MWM III DNA): Not detectable in up to 25 U after 16 hours incubation at +37°C.
Nicking activity (pBR322 DNA): Not detectable in up to 25 U after 16 hours incubation at +37°C.
Ribonucleases (MS2 RNA): Not detectable in up to 40 U after 4 hours incubation at +37°C.
Function test in RT-PCR (human skeletal muscle total RNA, 10 kb dystrophin gene fragment): Corresponds to reference
Function test in real-time RT-qPCR using the LightCycler® instrument (PBGD gene fragment from RNA standards): Corresponds to reference
Animal-derived additives: None
Stability: At -15 to -25°C within specification range for 12 months.", "Name": "Specification" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase offers higher thermostability compared to the native forms of AMV or M-MLV reverse transcriptase, allowing higher temperatures for reverse transcription, achieving high performance with GC-rich RNA fragments and difficult secondary structures.
CAS Number: 9068-38-6
Enzyme activities: RNA-dependent DNA polymerase, DNA-dependent DNA polymerase, unwinding activity, RNase H (degrading RNA in RNA:DNA hybrids)
Recommended reaction temperature: +42 to +65°C
Substrates: Incorporates dNTP, ddNTP, dUPT, various labeled or modified nucleotides
Divalent ion requirement: Mg2+", "Name": "Properties" } ] } } ] }

Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase

recombinant, expressed in E. coli




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