Nucleomix, 400 mM (100 mM each)

sodium salt solution

Optimize your assay with a new level of flexibility through high concentrated reagents

NucleoMix, 400 mM, consisting of dNTPs (dTTP) with a concentration of 100 mM each, is an innovative solution created to enhance the development and manufacturing of your molecular diagnostics assay. With its exceptionally high concentration, our product establishes a new benchmark in the field of molecular raw materials.

Manufactured in an ISO-13485 certified facility, NucleoMix, 400 mM, offers outstanding performance and peace of mind for manufacturers of molecular IVD assays. With its high concentration, the product is specifically tailored to meet the needs of manufacturers of molecular assays, including molecular point of care, for infectious diseases, oncology, and various other applications.

By using our highly concentrated NucleoMix into your manufacturing process, you can achieve substantial savings through process optimization. 

Key features:

  • Unprecedented 4x higher concentration than any other product on the market, for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Specifications designed to ensure peace of mind at every step of commercialization (e.g., testing for contaminating DNA)

Experience the difference with our highly concentrated NucleoMix together with our highly concentrated, glycerol-free enzymes, and save precious volume space for more sample and other crucial components for your assay.

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