DNase I, recombinant, RNase-free, GMP Grade

from bovine pancreas, expressed in Pichia pastoris, solution


The certainty of a clean start - reliable DNA digestion
From RT-PCR to transcriptome sequencing, sensitive and specific RNA-based applications build on high-quality RNA input, free of DNA. DNase I isolated from bovine pancreas is commonly used to hydrolyze and remove contaminating DNA. 

  • Count on reliable DNA digestion and removal
    Proven enzymatic activity efficiently clears samples of DNA for demanding downstream applications.
  • Maintain RNA integrity from the start
    Stringent purity criteria enable isolating full-length RNA that serves as a template even at the 3’ end. 
  • Boost manufacturing and product quality
    Narrow performance and purity specifications eliminate variability in processes and outcomes.
  • Meet high standards in industry
    Animal-free and optionally GMP-conform, our DNase I is easily integrated into standing processes.



Technical documents

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