{ "ProductData": { "RelatedLinks": "", "RegulatoryDisclaimer1": "For further processing only.", "RegulatoryDisclaimer2": "", "StainLocalization": [ "" ], "ProductType": "Others", "DisclaimerGroup2": null, "ProductNameGlobal": "DNA", "DisclaimerGroup1": "Non-IVD", "ControlTissue": [ "" ], "BrandName": "DNA", "LicenseDisclaimers": [ ], "Isotypes": "", "RegulatoryDisclaimer3": "", "ID": "", "ProductNameAddition": "from fish sperm, lyophilizate", "Species": [ "" ], "Clone": "" }, "ProductImageDetails": { "ImagePath": "https://pim-media.roche.com/Images/CB_IMAGE.png", "ImageType": "Image main" }, "Product2Taxomony": { "Product2TaxomonyReferences": [ { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Product_Types", "StructureSystemName": "Product Types", "NodeName": "Nucleic Acids", "NodeID": "70-038-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Grouping", "StructureSystemName": "Product Grouping", "NodeName": "Molecular Raw Materials", "NodeID": "02-0136" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Organization", "StructureSystemName": "Organization", "NodeName": "CustomBiotech and LifeScience", "NodeID": "01-01-01-07-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Solutions", "StructureSystemName": "Product Solutions", "NodeName": "CustomBiotech", "NodeID": "520" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Lab_Type", "StructureSystemName": "Lab Types", "NodeName": "Manufacturing", "NodeID": "180-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Applications", "StructureSystemName": "Applications", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "99-00-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Techniques", "StructureSystemName": "Techniques", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "999-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Disease_Areas", "StructureSystemName": "Disease Areas", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "99-00-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Pathogens", "StructureSystemName": "Pathogens", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "99-00-00" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Family", "StructureSystemName": "Product Families", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "999" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Health_Topics", "StructureSystemName": "Health Topics", "NodeName": "NOT APPLICABLE", "NodeID": "99-00-00" } ] }, "Product2Materials": { "P2MaterialReferences": [ { "MaterialNum": "10223638103", "MaterialDescription": "DNA, Sodium Salt from fish sperm", "RegisteredProductName": "DNA", "GTIN": "", "ProductCategoryText": "Reagents, kits", "OldMaterialNumber": "", "PackSizePIM360": "custom fill", "PackSizeDescPIM360": "", "MaterialAnnotation": "CustomBiotech product. Please contact your local representative.", "ReadyForUse": "", "OrderInformation": "Will be supplied as \"DNA, Sodium Salt from fish sperm\". Unit of measure is \"g\"." } ] }, "Product2Products": { "Product2ProductReference": [ ] }, "ProductSpec": [ { "ProductSpecVariant": { "Chapters": [ { "Language": "en", "Value": "Powder", "Name": "Form of Supply" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "+2 to +8°C", "Name": "Storage Conditions (Product)" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "Use this preparation of single-stranded genomic DNA fragments to prevent nonspecific binding in membrane or in situ DNA hybridization experiments. It can be added directly to the hybridization mix with no need for prior sonification or denaturation.", "Name": "Applications" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "Will be supplied as \"DNA, Sodium Salt from fish sperm\". Unit of measure is \"g\".", "Name": "CB - Order Information" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "Powder, lyophilized sodium salt", "Name": "Content" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "DNA is resuspended in sterile double-distilled water at the desired concentration and sheared to an average fragment length of 100 to 3,000 bp.", "Name": "Product Description" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "Difference between 'DNA, MB Grade from Fish Sperm' and 'DNA, Sodium Salt from fish sperm'

DNA, MB Grade from fish sperm is a ready-to-use formulation of DNA that is already fragmented and denatured. The fragment length cannot be given exactly but is in the range (in form of a Gaussian distribution) of 100-3000 bp with a peak around 500-800 bp.

In contrast, DNA, Sodium Salt from fish sperm is a native formulation of DNA. During the isolation process, the native genomic DNA is likely to be broken down to smaller fragments of undefined length. Roche has however not determined the resulting fragment sizes. To be used as competitor DNA, this product should always be sonicated first. After sonification, the average fragment length is roughly the same as that for the MB-grade DNA, i.e., around 100-3000 bp. The values for average fragment sizes will depend on the respective sonification procedure. The procedure Roche uses for the MB-grade formulation results in an average chain length of 100-3000 bp, but more prolonged treatment may result in shorter fragments.", "Name": "Background Information - Help Corner" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "This DNA preparation can serve for prevention of nonspecific binding in hybridization experiments.", "Name": "Positioning" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "The DNA is sonicated. The length of the DNA fragments is mostly in the range of 50 to 600 bp (not verified). UV absorption maximum is at 258 nm.
CAS Number: 9007-49-2", "Name": "Properties" }, { "Language": "en", "Value": "Appearance: White to slightly grey lyophilizate
DNA content (A260; phosphate buffer, 0.1 mol/L; pH 7.0): ≥15 AB/mg lyophilizate
DNA content (based on Porganic): ≥70%
Porganic (Ptotal-Pi): ≥60 μg/mg lyophilizate
Pi: ≤3 μg/mg lyophilizate
Na (flame photometric): 6±2%
Protein (Lowry): ≤50 μg/mg lyophilizate
Stability: At +2 to +8°C within specification range for 12 months.", "Name": "Specification" } ] } } ] }


from fish sperm, lyophilizate




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