{ "ProductData": { "ID": "", "ProductType": "Others", "BrandName": "Alkaline Phosphatase Mutein, recombinant", "ProductNameAddition": "from calf intestine, expressed in Pichia pastoris, lyophilizate", "RegulatoryDisclaimer1": "For further processing only.", "DisclaimerGroup1": "", "RegulatoryDisclaimer2": null, "DisclaimerGroup2": null, "RegulatoryDisclaimer3": null, "SampleType": [ ], "LicenseDisclaimers": [ ], "RelatedLinks": "", "Clone": "", "ControlTissue": [ "" ], "ISOtypes": "", "Species": [ "" ], "StainLocalization": [ "" ], "ProductNameGlobal": "Alkaline Phosphatase Mutein recombinant" }, "ProductImageDetails": { "ImagePath": "https://pim-media.roche.com/Images/CB_IMAGE_.png", "ImageType": "Image main" }, "Product2Taxonomy": { "Product2TaxonomyReferences": [ { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Grouping", "StructureSystemName": "Product Grouping", "NodeID": "02-0030", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Interference Blocker" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Grouping", "StructureSystemName": "Product Grouping", "NodeID": "02-0035", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Immunology Raw Materials" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Product_Types", "StructureSystemName": "Product Types", "NodeID": "70-041-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Phosphatases" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Organization", "StructureSystemName": "Organization", "NodeID": "01-01-01-07-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "CustomBiotech and LifeScience" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Grouping", "StructureSystemName": "Product Grouping", "NodeID": "02-0014", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Enzymes" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Product_Types", "StructureSystemName": "Product Types", "NodeID": "70-016-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "Detection Interference Blocker" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Product_Solutions", "StructureSystemName": "Product Solutions", "NodeID": "520", "StructureNodeStatus": "valid", "NodeName": "CustomBiotech" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Lab_Type", "StructureSystemName": "Lab Types", "NodeID": "180-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Applications", "StructureSystemName": "Applications", "NodeID": "99-00-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Techniques", "StructureSystemName": "Techniques", "NodeID": "999-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Disease_Areas", "StructureSystemName": "Disease Areas", "NodeID": "99-00-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Pathogens", "StructureSystemName": "Pathogens", "NodeID": "99-00-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "OWP_Family", "StructureSystemName": "Product Families", "NodeID": "999", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" }, { "StructureSystemIdentifier": "Health_Topics", "StructureSystemName": "Health Topics", "NodeID": "99-00-00", "StructureNodeStatus": "invalid", "NodeName": "" } ] }, "Product2Materials": { "P2MaterialReferences": [ { "MaterialNum": "04781007103", "MaterialDescription": "AP-Mutein,rec.", "RegisteredProductName": "Alkaline Phosphatase Mutein, recombinant", "GTIN": "07613336130803", "ProductCategoryText": "Reagents, kits", "OldMaterialNumber": "", "PackSizePIM360": "custom fill", "PackSizeDescPIM360": "Not Available", "MaterialAnnotation": "CustomBiotech product. Please contact your local representative.", "ReadyForUse": "", "OrderInformation": "Will be supplied as \"AP-Mutein, rec.\". Unit of measure is \"g\"." } ] }, "Product2Products": { "Product2ProductReference": [ ] }, "ProductSpec": [ { "ProductSpecVariant": { "Chapters": [ { "Name": "CB - Order Information", "Value": "Will be supplied as \"AP-Mutein, rec.\". Unit of measure is \"g\".", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "CB - Order Information" }, { "Name": "Product Description", "Value": "In addition to the AP Mutein, recombinant the lyophilizate contains a mixture of proteins from the Pichia system supporting the interference elimination. AP Mutein is lyophilized from a solution containing in NaCl, 0.2 mol/L; ZnCl2, 0.1 mmol/L; Tea, 30 mmol/L; MgCl2, 1 mmol/L; raffinose, 50% (w/v); pH approximately 7.6. Production is established according to the procedures of the active enzyme.", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Product Description" }, { "Name": "Applications", "Value": "Use Alkaline Phosphatase Mutein (AP Mutein) to eliminate human serum derived AP directed assay interferences.", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Applications" }, { "Name": "Background Information", "Value": "Alkaline Phosphatase Mutein (AP Mutein), recombinant, is the inactive form of recombinant highly active AP, expressed in Pichia pastoris. The inactivation of AP Mutein is based on one single point mutation located in the active site of the alkaline phosphatase.", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Background Information" }, { "Name": "Properties", "Value": "CAS Number: 9001-78-9", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Properties" }, { "Name": "Specification", "Value": "Appearance: White to yellowish lyophilizate
Solubility: Clear to light yellowish solution in 50% glycerol solution (c=10 mg/mL)
pH value: 7.0-8.0
Protein (A280, 1 mg/mL=1, against water): ≥0.2 mg protein/mg lyophilizate
Specific activity (+37°C, 4-NPP): ≤10 U/mg protein
SDS-gel (qualitative comparison of the gel bands in reference to the bands of a standard): Corresponds to specification
Stability: At +2 to +8°C within specification range for 24 months.", "Language": "en", "Country": "XG", "Code": "Specification" } ] } } ] }

Alkaline Phosphatase Mutein, recombinant

from calf intestine, expressed in Pichia pastoris, lyophilizate


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