Quality of dNTPs – what difference does it make?

Purity and performance matter, but so do consistency and reliability

The nucleotides consumed in the amplification step of PCR-based assays or in other healthcare applications are often taken for granted. They are a “must” in your application, but how often do you think about the impact these small reagents have on the development, production and deployment of your product? Beyond the question of assay performance, the quality of your dNTPs impacts the flow of your operations. Here’s how.

cb lot-to-lot consistency


Your manufacturing builds on an understanding of the inputs that ultimately constitute or generate the components of your product. That is, you count on the raw materials you’ve sourced being what you ordered. That very thought guides quality standards at CustomBiotech. So, when we say that the purity of our dNTPs is over 99%, we mean it.
Every single time.

cb capacity

Every step in a manufacturing process can become a bottleneck. Minimizing complexity makes for more robust and transparent procedures and quality control is no exception. Our criteria for GMP Grade dNTPs hold each batch to narrow tolerance requirements, allowing you to focus your QC efforts on assay function rather than dNTP characterization, and to count on lot-to-lot consistency that streamlines processes from day one.

cb capacity

The value of your product is the sum of its components. Together they guarantee performance. Thus, enzymes, substrates and solvent all reflect on your product promise of quality, safety and reliability. Our dNTPs are the very same raw materials used by Roche in proven and time-tested diagnostic applications, and that experience is what differentiates our raw materials from all others: a de-risked path to market with the know-how and support of a trusted partner.

The last two years have taught us that uncertain times call for extraordinary foresight. Anticipating risks to your operations is not only a promise to your customers who count on the secured delivery of your product, but also a responsibility to your team.

Consistency and reliability in raw material sourcing makes that duty tractable. Whether at the starting point of translating an idea into a workable solution or securing the production of an established solution, strengthen your operations with Roche CustomBiotech. Because while our dNTPs may seem small and inconsequential, the science and service behind them are not.

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