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From Constraints to Solutions: Unraveling the Design Challenges in Molecular Diagnostics

Our free workshop, "From Constraints to Solutions: Unraveling the Design Challenges in Molecular Diagnostics," presented at AMP 2023, is now available on-demand. In this workshop you will:

Understand how next generation reagents can influence detection limits and time to result.

Discover robust enzymes capable of withstanding inhibitors present in complex clinical samples like unpurified urine and whole blood.

Learn about  simplifying storage and shipping with lyo-ready reagents that can be dried down into a stable format.


Watch the recording to learn how to gain more flexibility in your assay design with reagents that are reliable, inhibitor tolerant, fast, high concentration, glycerol-free, and capable of being dried down.

Internal and external pressure to drive down costs while enhancing assay performance presents a challenge for molecular diagnostic developers. In addition to the common design inputs determining target selection and primer design, modern assay developers consider design constraints to create efficient, simplified workflows, improve access for underserved communities, and elevate assay performance. 


Key to balancing these numerous, competing constraints, developers must carefully consider the raw materials that are used when developing an assay. For example, materials that can withstand fast cycling conditions can help shorten overall turnaround times by shortening run times. Materials that are more tolerant to sample-borne inhibitors can alleviate strict sample purification requirements, and the reduction in sample handling not only helps reduce turnaround times, but also leads to simplified workflows for the end users. Furthermore, high concentration, inhibitor tolerant reagents create space in a reaction for added sample volume, improving detectability.


Choosing the right components to mitigate the challenges you are facing in your assay can be intimidating, and often it is difficult to determine which challenges are the most important. At Roche CustomBiotech we have the materials to help you find solutions and overcome these challenges. Join us for a discussion on our portfolio of reagents for use in development of centralized and point-of-care diagnostic assays.


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