Product launch Cedex Assays: Asparagine/Aspartate & Nitrate

Reliability and convenience for improved bio-process control

New kits available for your Cedex Bio and Cedex Bio HT Analyzers for in process control of mammalian cell culture applications, plant growing and analytics of food and water samples:


Nitrate is an important source of accessible nitrogen in culture media of plant cells (e.g. algae cultures) and generally in plant breeding. Due to the fast consumption, the cultures require continuous feeding of the appropriate amounts of nitrate.


Process control based on fast and reliable analytics with the Cedex Nitrate Assay:

  • Automated assay providing accurate results
  • Wide measuring range, high sensitivity, option for automated pre-dilution
  • Low sample volume of 2 – 20 μL 


Asparagine (Asn) is an important substrate in cell cultures as source of nitrogen and for the biosynthesis of new proteins, analogous to glutamine.

Aspartate (Asp) also serves as substrate in a cell culture, however, similar to glutamate, Asp often accumulates as a metabolite to high concentration levels, especially if high amounts of Asn were available. Continuous monitoring of Asn and Asp enables the adequate feeding to achieve optimal culture results.

Process control based on fast and reliable analytics with the Asparagine/Aspartate Assay:

  • Automaed Cedex assays for Asn and Asp provide precision and convenience
  • No sample filtration or other pretreatment required
  • Wide measuring range, option for on-board dilution
  • Low sample volume of 2 – 40 μL used

View product pages for more details: 

Cedex Bio Nitrate Assay
Cedex Bio HT Nitrate Assay

View product pages for more details: 

Cedex Bio Asn/Asp Assay
Cedex Bio HT Asn/Asp Assay

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