Kapa portfolio

    Evolve your molecular assays
    to the next level

Kapa DNA polymerases are now available from CustomBiotech 

Kapa’s directed evolution approach allowed for the generation of 2nd and 3rd generation DNA polymerases with advanced features as compared to the wild-type Taq. The evolved enzymes help you improve speed and robustness in your assay development. 

Gains from Kapa polymerases

Reduce time to result
Minimize the need for DNA purification and shorten your sample-to-result workflows to <1 hour.
Reach extension times as low as 1 sec/kb and reduce PCR reaction times by up to 75%.

Improve your PCR workflow
Work with GC- and AT-rich targets and shorten optimization time of your assays.
Single protocol use for a wide range of different targets.

Easily work with crude samples
Benefit from broad tolerance to carry-over inhibitors and obtain accurate and reproducible results with direct PCR from crude blood, tissue and plant extracts.

Figure 1: KAPA Probe Force reaction efficiency with inhibited samples - High efficiency target amplification.
Reaction efficiencies achieved for inhibitor spiked samples were examined and compared to that of purified DNA. Across various inhibitor types, efficiencies remained within 90 - 110%.

Reference: data on file at Roche. For further processing only.


Kapa Express Extract - the matching sample preparation solution  

The KAPA Express Extract completes the KAPA portfolio at CustomBiotech. KAPA Express Extract is a novel thermostable protease and buffer system that allows for the extraction of PCR-ready DNA in as little as 15 minutes. DNA extractions are conveniently performed in a single-tube, greatly reducing the risk of sample loss and contamination. The combination of KAPA Express Extract and KAPA2G Robust or KAPA Probe Force provides a high performance solution for rapid DNA extraction and consistent downstream amplification.