Start One-Step Ahead: Glycerol-free reagents in high concentration

Designed for use in dried-down assays


Talk at Coporate Workshop Day at AMP
November 2, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The need for rapid Point-of-care (POC) testing has never been greater. To address diagnostic manufacturing needs, Roche CustomBiotech offers a wide portfolio of glycerol-free and high concentration reagents designed for speed and use in dried-down assays. Join our talk, and learn how working with CustomBiotech enzymes can reduce your development time and decrease your overall assay time with our latest KAPA3G DNA Polymerase and NxtScript Reverse Transcriptase family of products.


Join the session live at AMP on November 2, 2022 to:

  • Discover enzymes that enable fast and accurate results in new Point-of-Care settings without compromising on reliability
  • Learn how to accelerate your assay development timelines and reduce their cost
  • Evolve your molecular assays to the next level with premium lyo-ready ingredients
  • Explore the portfolio of lyo-ready reagents from Roche CustomBiotech

    Attendance at no charge.

We look forward to meeting you