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HAMA Serum, Type II


For further processing only.

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HAMA Serum, Type II material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
05167060103 1 vial reconstitution in 1 mL
Will be supplied as "HAMA Serum 2L *SQ". Unit of measure is "piece".
HAMA Serum Type II is a lyophilized human serum with serum ingredients within normal range. No preservative are added. The product must be handled just as carefully as patient specimens.
HAMA Serum Type II primarily represents mono-/bivalent and specific HAMA interference occurring after treatment with monoclonal antibodies.
pH value (+25°C): 7-8
Protein (Biuret): ≥65 mg/vial
Dilution: Up to 1:20 recommended
Solubility: Reconstitution of lyophilizate/vial in 1 mL water results in serum typical solution
Typical concentrations determined by Roche cobas® assays:
Alpha fetoprotein (AFP): 3.5 IU/mL
Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA): 1.2 ng/mL
Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH): 7.0 mIU/mL
Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG): 3.0 mIU/mL
Luteinizing hormone (LH): 6.7 mIU/mL
Prolactin: 114 μIU/mL
Prostate specific antigen (PSA): 0.3 ng/mL
PSA free: 0.05 ng/mL
Thyroid stimulating homone (TSH): 1.6 μIU/mL
Troponin T (TN-T): 0.01 ng/mL
Appearance: Yellowish lyophilizate
Interference effect: Corresponds to specification
Infectious parameters:
Non reactive HbsAg: Corresponds to specification
Anti HIV 1+2: Negative
Anti HCV: Negative
HIV 1 NAT, non reactive: Corresponds to specification
Stability: At -15 to -25°C within specification range for 24 months.