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Liberase MNP-S

Blended Proteolytic Enzyme for Tissue Dissociation. For Further Processing only.

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Order information
Liberase MNP-S material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
05578566001 35 mg
Will be supplied as "Liberase MNP-S". Unit of measure is "piece".
Liberase MNP-S is a highly purified enzyme blend for tissue dissociation where high purity, consistent quality, low levels of bacterial endotoxins and a sterile product are required for reproducible high cell yield and viability.
Liberase MNP-S contains highly purified collagenase class I and class II from Clostridium histolyticum. The two collagenase isoforms are blended in a precise ratio with each other and with a medium concentration of highly purified thermolysin, a neutral protease isolated from Bacillus thermoproteolyticus.
Sterility of final product is tested according to requirements Eur. Ph. 2.6.1and USP 71.
  • Maximum cell yield, viability, and functionality
    Use of high-specific-activity blends with reduced clostripain, trypsin, and endotoxin content maximizes yield of viable, functional cells.
  • Reduced contamination risk
    Manufactured free of any mammalian- or avian-derived raw materials, avoiding the risk of transmission of animal diseases.
  • High experimental reproducibility
    High lot-to-lot consistency due to optimized enzyme fermentation and purification processes results in increased experimental reproducibility, ultimately saving time and resources.
  • Flexible enzyme portfolio
    Custom sizes and blends are available upon request to better serve your unique application needs.
  • Specific residual assay
    Highly sensitive assay developed specifically for detection of Liberase enzyme verifies removal from your final product.
Use Liberase MNP-S for in vitro enzymatic dissociation of tissue, to isolate single cells from a broad range of tissue types. In particular intended for use in isolation of tissue based stem cells and chondrocytes from cartilage.
Appearance: White lyophilized cake
Total protein content: 41.5-62.3 mg/bottle (target: 51.9 mg protein)
Collagenase I b, c part of collagenase I: ≤40 area%
Collagenase I content: 16.8-25.2 mg/bottle (target: 21.0 mg protein)
Collagenase II content: 11.2-16.8 mg/bottle (target: 14.0 mg protein)
Thermolysin/neutral protease content: 13.5-20.3 mg/bottle (target: 16.9 mg protein)
Activity (Wünsch, calculated): 142-237 U/bottle
Activity (thermolysin/neutral protease, calculated): 147,030-275,000 U/bottle
Ratio collagenase II/total collagenase: 0.3-0.5
Endotoxin: ≤15 EU/mg protein
Sterility of final product is tested according to requirements Eur. Ph. 2.6.1 and USP 71