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Liberase MTF C/T, GMP Grade

0.2 μm filtered, lyophilizate

Blended Proteolytic Enzyme for Tissue Dissociation. For Further Processing only.

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Order information
Liberase MTF C/T, GMP Grade material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
05339880001 1 kit 2,000 U Collagenase I/II MTF, 2x
15 mg Thermolysin MTF, 3x
Will be supplied as "Liberase MTF C/T GMP Grade". Unit of measure is "piece".
Liberase MTF C/T GMP Grade kit is a highly purified enzyme blend for tissue dissociation where high purity, consistent quality and low levels of bacterial endotoxins are required in achieving reproducible high cell yield and viability.
Liberase MTF C/T, GMP Grade kit contains highly purified collagenase class I and class II from Clostridium histolyticum. The two collagenase isoforms are blended in a precise ratio with each other. Highly purified thermolysin from Bacillus thermoproteolyticus is provided in a separate vial to allow individual adjustments of enzyme ratios for optimization of your tissue dissociation protocol.
  • Maximum cell yield, viability, and functionality
    Use of high-specific-activity blends with reduced clostripain, trypsin, and endotoxin content maximizes yield of viable, functional cells.
  • Reduced contamination risk
    Manufactured free of any mammalian- or avian-derived raw materials, avoiding the risk of transmission of animal diseases.
  • High experimental reproducibility
    High lot-to-lot consistency due to optimized enzyme fermentation and purification processes results in increased experimental reproducibility, ultimately saving time and resources.
  • Flexible enzyme portfolio
    Custom sizes and blends are available upon request to better serve your unique application needs.
  • Specific residual assay
    Highly sensitive assay developed specifically for detection of Liberase enzyme verifies removal from your final product.
Use the Liberase MTF C/T, GMP Grade kit for in vitro enzymatic dissociation of tissue, to isolate single cells. In particular intended for use in isolation procedures of pancreatic islets from human and pig.
I. Collagenase 2000 MTF MPB
Appearance: White lyophilized cake
Protein/bottle (target: 537 mg protein): 430-644 mg
Collagenase I content (target 322 mg protein): 258-386 mg
Collagenase II content (target 215 mg protein): 172-258 mg
Collagenase I b, c part of Collagenase I: ≤10 area%
HPLC purity (total peak areas of Col I + Col II): ≥85%
Activity (Wünsch, calculated): 2,172-3,617 U/vial
Ratio collagenase II/total collagenase (HPLC): 0.3-0.5
Bioburden: ≤10 CFU/bottle
Endotoxins: ≤10 EU/mg protein

II. Thermolysin MTF MPB
: White lyophilized cake
Protein mass/bottle (target: 15.0 mg protein): 12.0-18.0 mg
Activity neutral protease (calculated): 130,500-234,000 U/vial
HPLC purity (total peak area thermolysin): ≥85%
Bioburden: ≤10 CFU/bottle
Endotoxins: ≤50 EU/mg protein