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ionic detergent, sodium salt

For further processing only.

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Cholate material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
10261084103 custom fill
Will be supplied as "Cholic Acid Sodium Salt". Unit of measure is "kg".
Anionic detergent for diagnostic tests.
Use Cholate in diagnostic reagents, such as for the determination of cholesterol and triglycerides.
Formula: C24H39NaO5
Molecular weight: 430.6 D
Detergent type: Anionic detergent
Solubility: Limited solubility in the presence of Ca2+.
Handling advice: Harmful if exposed to skin and if inhaled. Adequate precautions as for handling of irrigating products must be taken.
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Clear, colorless solution in water (c=10 mg/mL)
Clear, colorless to yellowish solution in water (c=150 mg/mL, +20°C)
Identity (NIR): Corresponds to reference
Cholic acid, Na-salt (HPLC): ≥93 area%
Water (K. Fischer): ≤6%
C (elementary analysis): 62-67%
Na (flame photometric): 5.0-5.5%
Heavy metals (as Pb): ≤10 ppm
Flame coloration: Positive
A340 (against water): ≤0.100
A505 (against water): ≤0.005
A546 (against water): ≤0.005
A505 to A550 (against water): ≤0.025
Hydrophilic contaminants (HPLC): ≤15 area%
Lipophilic contaminants (HPLC): ≤4.0 area%
Reducing substances: ≤0.25 ml (KMnO4, 0.002 mol/L, per 100 mg)
Oxidizing substances: Negative
Bioburden: ≤100 CFU/g, ≤10 moulds/g
Performance: Corresponds to specification
Stability: At +15 to +25°C within specification range for 36 months. Protect from light.