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Sarcosine Oxidase

from E.coli overproducer, lyophilizate

For further processing only.

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Sarcosine Oxidase material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
11378856103 custom fill
Will be supplied as "Sarcosine Oxidase, Recombinant (E. coli)". Unit of measure is "kU".
Oxidoreductase that catalyzes the demethylation of sarcosine to glycine.
Use Sarcosine Oxidase in diagnostic tests for the determination of creatinine. This can be done using one of two methods:
(1) In combination with Creatinase, catalog no. 11 799 142 103 and 11 865 471 103.
(2) In combination with N-Carbamoylsarcosine Amidase, catalog no. 11 248 847 103.
Nomenclature: Sarcosine:oxygen oxidoreductase (demethylating)
Molecular weight: 40 kD (PAGE, native Phast®-System)
Isoelectric point: 5.3 (Phast®-System)
Michaelis constants (Tris buffer, 0.1 mol/L, pH 8.0; Sarcosine):
at +25°C: 3.7 x 10-3 mol/L
at +37°C: 6.3 x 10-3 mol/L
Inhibitors: Completely inhibited by ZnCl2 (7 mmol/L), CdCl2 (7 mol/L), heavy metals and NaN3. Chloroacetic amine (0.2%) does not inhibit.
pH optimum: 8.0 (see figure)
Temperature dependence: See figure
pH stability: 7.0-10.0 (see figure)
Thermal stability: Up to +50°C (see figure)
Specificity: Sarcosine Oxidase reacts with sarcosine (100%), N-ethylglycine, 2 mmol/L (4%), L(-)-proline (0.28%), carbamoylsarcosine (0%), and glycine (0%).
Appearance: Yellow lyophilizate
Solubility: Clear, yellow solution in water (c=10 mg/mL)
pH value (c=10 mg/mL in water): 7.5-8.5
Activity (+25°C, sarcosine): 22-40 U/mg lyophilizate
Specific activity: ≥45 U/mg protein
Protein (Biuret): 0.4-0.6 mg/mg lyophilizate
Contaminants (expressed as percentage of Sarcosine Oxidase activity):
ATPase: ≤0.01
Catalase: ≤10.0
Contaminating oxidases (FOX): ≤0.005
Creatinase: ≤0.001
Creatininase: ≤0.01
Creatinine deaminase: ≤0.001
N-Carbamoylsarcosine amidohydrolase: ≤0.001
N-Methylhydantoin hydrolase: ≤0.001
Stability: At -15 to -25°C within specification range for 12 months. Store dry. Protect from light.