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Lipoprotein Lipase

from Pseudomonas species, lyophilizate

For customers in the European Economic Area: Contains SVHC: octyl/nonylphenol ethoxylates. For further processing on its own or in a mixture as part of an IVD method and under controlled conditions only – acc. to Art. 56 (3) and 3 no. 23 REACH Regulation.

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Order information
Lipoprotein Lipase material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
10734284103 custom fill
Will be supplied as "Lipoprotein Lipase from Pseudomon.spec.". Unit of measure is "MU".
Enzyme that hydrolyzes triglycerides into three free fatty acids and glycerol.
Use Lipoprotein Lipase in diagnostic tests for the determination of triglycerides together with Glycerol Kinase, Catalog No. 10 539 937 103 or 11 499 530 103 and Glycerol-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase, Catalog No. 11 654 730 103 or 11 582 003 103.
Nomenclature: Triacylglycero-protein acylhydrolase
Molecular weight: 47 kD
Effectors: Hg2+, Ag+, Cr2+, Sn2+, Cu2+ and ionic detergents inhibit. Mg2+, sodium cholate and BSA stabilize the enzyme. 4-Chloromercuribenzoate (2 mmol/L), monoiodoacetate (2 mmol/L), NaF (20 mmol/L), NaN3 (20 mmol/L), EDTA (5 mmol/L) and 2-phenanthroline (2 mmol/L) do not affect the enzyme activity while SDS (0.1% (w/v)) is inactivating.
pH optimum: 7.5 (see figure)
pH stability: 6.0-10.0 (see figure)
Thermal stability: Up to +50°C (see figure)
Specificity: Lipoprotein Lipase has both lipolytic and sterol ester hydrolytic activities. It hydrolyzes triacylglycerols in chylomicrons, lipoproteins and diacylglycerols. With human plasma as substrate triglycerides are hydrolyzed more rapidly than cholesterol esters. The effects of pH and ionic strength on the enzymatic activity are somewhat different between the hydrolysis of triglyceride and of cholesterol ester depending on the different states of these substrates in the plasma or the transfer of the reaction products at the interface of substrates.
Lipolytic activity (Substrate, Number of C-atoms to number of double bonds, Relative rate):
olive oil: 94%
triolein (18:1): 100%
tripalmitin (16:0): 2%
trimyristin (14:0): 7%
trilaurin (12:0): 4%
tricaprin (10:0): 17%
tricaprylin (8:0): 64%
tricaproin (6:0): 2%
tributyrin (4:0): 2%
tripropionin (3:0): 2%
triacetin (2:0): 1%
Appearance: Brownish lyophilizate
Solubility: Clear, brown solution in water (c=50 mg/mL)
Activity (+25°C, cholesterol oleate): ≥100 U/mg lyophilizate
Contaminants (expressed as percentage of Lipoprotein Lipase activity):
ATPase: ≤0.005
Catalase: ≤1.0
Glycerokinase: ≤0.001
Glucose oxidase: ≤0.001
Hexokinase: ≤0.005
''NADH oxidase'': ≤0.001
Uricase: ≤0.005
Stability: At +2 to +8°C within specification range for 12 months. Store dry.