Product launch: SP6 RNA Polymerase, recombinant, AOF

The latest addition to CustomBiotech's portfolio for the mRNA technology platform

SP6 RNA Polymerase becomes the second RNA polymerase to join T7 in our mRNA product family.

With the introduction of SP6, we will fulfill the needs of the customers that cannot be sufficed by other RNA polymerases such as the T7. The enzyme is produced following our fit-for-purpose product concept that entails animal-origin and antibiotic-free manufacturing, and extended impurities testing of the product. 

Our fit-for-quality SP6 is an ideal enzyme for the synthesis of mRNA for stringent therapeutics and vaccine manufacturing markets. 

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SP6 RNA Polymerase, rec., AOF

- Animal-origin-free (AOF)
- Antibiotics-free
- Tested for extended impurities

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