Photometric tests replace Cedex Analyzers' ISE module

Controlling Na+ and K+ in cell culture and microbial fermentation

The most important cations for the living cells in the cell culture and microbial fermentation are sodium (Na+) and potassium (K+). A common method for determination of these ions is the use of ion-selective electrodes (ISE). However, ISE are susceptible to various interferences and require frequent maintenance and continuous recalibration in short intervals. 

Therefore, the Cedex Bio and Bio HT Analyzers are now using the proven format of enzyme-based assays with photometric detection which also work for Na+ and K+, making the ISE module obsolete.

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 Advantages of the ISE replacement with
photometric assays

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Improve your process


Wide measuring ranges for Na+ and K+, option for automated on-board dilution

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Save valuable time


Time consuming maintenance of the ISE module
no longer needed

Fully automated assays with high robustness against interferences, no need for sample pretreatment

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Free up space in your lab

The smaller footprint of the Cedex Bio Analyzer without ISE module saves benchtop space

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