• Liberase Enzyme Blends


    Reliable performance,
    leading results

Manufacturing Excellence

Our optimized manufacturing methods nearly eliminate foreign activities in collagenase preparations, without causing degradatio. Combined with stringent HPLC control, our production process facilitates very high enzyme integrity. The result is a highly purified product with consistent performance for reproducible outcomes.

Manufacturing Methods

Upstream Features:

  • Collagenase (Clostridium histolyticum) and Thermolysin (Bacillus thermoproteolyticus) fermented in mammalian-tissuefree media
  • No antibiotics used in fermentation

Downstream Features:

  • Dedicated resins and columns for chromatography
  • Bioburden reduction through 0.22 µm filtration of buffer solutions
  • Dedicated membranes for ultrafiltration
  • Single-use technologies, including disposable bags and aseptic containers