Molecular Testing

Choose the Complete Solution

  • A smooth workflow from sample preparation to detection begins with meticulous assay design, high-quality reagents, and a flawless kit production process. As diagnostics manufacturer and the leading raw materials provider for molecular diagnostics assays we completely understand the needs of diagnostic companies.
  • GMP production ensures extensive documentation for submission to regulatory authorities, highest possible quality, performance, reproducibility, and supply security.
  • We provide customizable master mixes, oligonucleotides, pre-filled microplates, and kits.

Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification

CustomBiotech recombinant Proteinase K and DNase I are rigorously tested to exclude the introduction of contaminants such as RNase activity. CustomBiotech also offers custom solutions for manual preparation, for automated sample preparation, and for high-throughput real-time PCR.

Amplification of DNA Targets by PCR

In the development of diagnostic assays, the choice of amplification polymerase is key to success. CustomBiotech offers a broad portfolio of nucleic acid amplification enzymes. Taq DNA Polymerase is by far the most versatile and robust polymerase for PCR. 

Detection of RNA Targets by RT-PCR

Reverse Transcriptases are fundamental for successful RT-PCR and other amplification technologies. Roche offers AMV RT and M-MLV RT, both produced under GMP. As with all other GMP products in our portfolio, the focus is on extensive characterization and performance testing for high lot-to-lot consistency.

Amplification Performance Enhancement

Optimizing an assay to perfection is no simple feat. CustomBiotech offers a toolbox to achieve highest specificity and sensitivity, from inhibiting RNases and eliminating carryover contamination, to recombinant T4 Gene 32 Protein, a powerful tool to increase test performance.

Alternative Amplification Methods

Our portfolio also provides resources for other amplification technologies, such as Nucleic Acid Sequence-Based Amplification (NASBA) and Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA).

Additional Applications

Detect amplification products with our hapten and fluorescent labels and antibody conjugates. Our extensive experience with modified-nucleotide chemistry and conjugate preparation makes us an ideal supplier for all your labeling and detection needs.