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Ala-Gln Bio HT

Test kit for the Cedex Bio HT Analyzer.

For quality control/manufacturing of IVD/medical devices/pharmaceutical products only.

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Order information
Ala-Gln Bio HT material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
08056943001 200 tests
Unit of measure is "piece".
Kit for determination of the dipeptide Ala-Gln (GlutaMAX).
This product is intended for quantitative determination of the cell culture supplement alanyl-glutamine (GlutaMAX) in aqueous solutions using the Cedex Bio HT Analyzer.
Glutamine is an essential nutrient required in cell cultures and microbial fermentation. Under culture conditions, glutamine has the disadvantage of fast degradation, producing cell-toxic ammonia. The dipeptide Ala-Gln is heat-stable and shows no spontaneous breakdown. Living cells in a culture are able to gradually release glutamine from the Ala-Gln dipeptide by secretion of peptidases. Depending on the number of cells and on the intensity of their metabolism, more dipeptide has to be fed over the culture time to achieve permanently an optimal supply. For control of culture media and for monitoring in a culture process, the Ala-Gln concentration can be determined on a Cedex Bio or Cedex Bio HT Analyzer with high reliability and convenience.
Method: Enzymatic photometric assay using hydrolysis by peptidase and deamination of glutamine by glutaminase.
Recovery: ±15%